Wednesday, 13 May 2009

More Pocket-Sized Reviews

./MORFROM/. – Around The Corner


Julien Baillod and Jeroen Visser hail from Switzerland, utilizing guitars, harmonium, organ, electronics and samples to devise a multi-colour poly-shape hotchpotch where every incident, either derived from concrete sources (including ping-pong games, cicadas and barking dogs) or manipulated instruments, is amusingly realized in unpredictable absence of excessively ambassadorial features. The couple’s connivance in trying to surprise the listener is nicely endearing, the precision of their pre-planning manifest. Nothing avoidable was heard, the consecutiveness of ironic outbursts, momentous droning and intelligent noise working remarkably well throughout. A contradictory specimen of music that manages to sound welcome to anyone interested in cheap novelty implying brilliant results. Without appearing overexcited or nerdy, ./Morfrom/. have generated a work of unapologetic smartness which should not remain disregarded.


Editions Mego

Stephen O’Malley and Peter Rehberg show no mercy. The first release not to represent a commission for theatre or film, IV finds the couple in devastating shape under the sapient production of Jim O’Rourke. Percussionist Atsuo appears on drums and gong in two tracks (the final “Natural Trouble” a wonderfully threatening masterpiece of sinister reverberations), thus enhancing the massive wall of roaring resonance produced through guitar, computer and synthesizer. There has been an abundant flourishing of projects based on oh-so-tremendously-hot-blooded saturation in recent years (typically hiding beasts who can’t even tune their axe) but KTL seem to belong among the rare ones who really know what they’re doing. The logic of pulsating thumping - a constant presence in their work - symbolizes a vital essence amidst the catharses of feedback and distortion, the sturdy rhythmic structures may even appear grotesque at first yet become indispensable after just a few minutes. Stridency and valour, exacerbation and indestructibility. Fighting stances revealing a generous heart, music which charges positively while altering the landscape of previously uninhabitable lands for good. Should you have any residual doubt, play loud.